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We started growing Chilli's about 3 years ago and are now hooked, I'm a Chilli Head.

Hornet Chilli is about flavour, heat, spice and natural elements. We grow our chillis from seeds each season to sustain our production. This leads to award winning sauces.

100% natural no additives or preservatives & vegan.

Sauces and chutney are made in small batches to ensure the utmost freshness and flavour.

We are proud Hornets and 25p from every bottle sold goes to Watford Football Club community trust.

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What people are saying about us

Andy Moore

Siracha rub is mad on chicken or stirred into mayonnaise and Hospital Pass is amazing drizzled over a soft boiled egg ♥️♥️♥️

John Clark

I have tried a few of Hornet's Chilli sauces and the flavours are consistently zingy and fresh, consistently at a level that can only be achieved by Artisan production and pride in your product.


ok there Bruce! Sauces have arrived and I've tried them all, my mouth is pleasantly on fire. the fruity one will be hammered, it wont last long, reapers revenge obviously commands more respect and has a lovely smokey flavour, I'm going back to kitchen as I write this to remind myself. The honey one is smooth, easy heat, and now I'm making noises from the hospital pass!! All these have been tried on buttered bread alone so much more scope for taste on bacon buttys and other food. All in all absolutely lovely and I'll order again. My mouth is settling down to quite sharp heat. Great stuff, regards Chris

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